How to Turn Your Site Into Money Generator

Do you have an astonishing website with a lot of followers? Then, you might ask how do you even earn money from your blog/site, well it is actually pretty easy if you follow this step thoroughly.

Making money from a website is like dreams come true, because of your hard work being paid. It is something that is worth because you have endured well in doing those article posts when you are willing to give up, but you don't.

But if you don't have a website, you might find this article helpful in some other time, or you even want to consider to start your own blog, this is the key, my friend.

For every article you wrote, you've maybe drenched up from the thought of finishing one to three articles a day, you are tired.

After about a while, you have gained visitors from all around the world, in particular, your own country, what to do?

In any case, your blog started to get noticed by google, or any other search engines that matter, because you've followed my step on how to create brainstorming articles.

create money from blog
Creating a blog post. Pixabay ©

The deeds of turning your site into a profit

Believe me or not, some could get a million dollars from even a single website, ones could argue that blogging is the way to quit your own job.

I'm not gonna blow the line here, but I'm just wanna be in the grey circle around that area where you want to quit your job to blog or blogging in spare time.

Many bloggers suffer from the constant despair because their blog or website couldn't even get to the page one, and they didn't make any profit even though they have been working hard on posting an article.

Letting things go as it is are not a good way to get money from a site, I also have those stressful moments, it happens sometimes, but you don't have to worry about it.

I always said in my blog posting tips that blogging is a process, neither you like it or not, you have to be patient and always keep a low profile to it.

I appreciate your grateful thoughts that if you are working hard enough to post an article, you can get money fast, but this isn't what it is. In fact, you should consider your own life, don't get too stressful, it ain't do any good for you.

Just do blogging as a hobby, even though you are desperate and want to get money fast, the long-awaited journey will soon come to a blessing moment where you could generate tons of cash.

Find joys in every moment you write and share it with your audience, if you read my article that are linked above, you will know the tips that I have given, thus, giving you an opportunity to rise from being stuck at the blog.

How to become successful from blogging

You have a website, you have shared great amount of stories to your audiences, you have gained visitors and reconnaissance from search engines. It is time to dig a hole and find treasures on your blogging site.

Start by putting ads to your website

Yes, your guess is correct, I'm gonna put ads on the top list because this is what most bloggers made their money.

There are tons of advertising networks where you can join them as a publisher. For example, I'm gonna put Google AdSense on the top list, down there you can see a bunch list such as PropellerAds, Taboola, Adsterra, AdNow, and many others that are not listed.

Become a content writer

You've posted so many articles and your revenue is progressing steadily, but you do want more than just that, I will show you a way, and that is to become a content writer.

You can find site like iWriter, they will pay you about $4 when you write 700 words article. Ain't that great? But yeah you have to be approved first, just like Google AdSense any many others site.

You could also be a freelancer and offer services like copywriting, content writing, and etc. In Fiverr (highly recommended).

Fiverr offers you more spaces to become a potential freelancer, it is pragmatically perfect if you don't make anything from your website for about six months.

Participate in contests

There are several contests conducted from companies, you have to write a blog post for it. When you have created a blog post and meet their criteria, you will get money just from participating, if you win you will likely to earn higher money.

Yeah, sometimes it was just a fluke that several companies want bloggers to point an article to their website so they will get backlinks.

But do not fear to try, you can always file a complaint when they suddenly disappeared without notice. 

Sell something on your blog

When you have reached certain audiences, you will get popular, they will likely to come back to your website.

So, why not try to give them the composure to become a loyal reader, for example you can make merchandise, you can sell something, whatever it is. It is also something that most youtubers or bloggers made their money to give them extra cash.

Money is not the case for everything

Okay, I'm not gonna be a hypocrite here, just wanna tell you something, consider money as a bonus for your hard work, do not get desperate when you did not get any money from your blog. 

Keep working hard, you'll be less stressful and it keeps your body stay healthy as it is, thus, giving you more productivity to focus on solely your job or your blog.

Do not entirely rely on blogging at the first or second years, if you have constantly published articles and made progress to your third year. I will ensure that, if you get high visitors, it will soon make you get the decision to quit your job.

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