How Much Can You Earn from YouTube?

YouTube has become one of the most popular social platform videos, tons of videos uploaded every day just to meet your daily needs!

money from youtube
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Certainly, with a huge amount of traffic every day, youtube doesn't just go off without getting any money. Since YouTube is affiliated or bond to be Google's subsidiary, so any kind of ads would display only Google AdSense.

That ultra company, Google, also pays for their server, well since there are about 1000 videos uploaded every minute! Can you imagine how big their data centre?

But it is a win-win solution, every time you see ads, you contribute to Google and its publisher (including me, haha) to get money. Well, it is also thanks to the advertisers that are willing to promote theirs (things) in Google AdSense.

Many youtubers being questioned, and the most common question that we can see is "how much money do you make from making videos in youtube?" Despite the fact, there are sites that track youtuber progress and you don't have to ask a question because it is included in the site like SocialBlade.

In SocialBlade, their data are pretty compulsive and what we really call compulsory to understand better certain youtubers. For example, if I track one of the famous science youtuber, Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell, they are making good amounts of money from ads, not to mention they also open a patreon page.

There are some lacking areas around the feature of SocialBlade or any other similar platform, because variables like high cpc countries, niche, and language count too.

So, in this article alone, I will try to give you a nice shot about How Much Can You Earn from Youtube in a Month? I will talk deeply and comprehensively, so stay with me until the end!

What Factors That You Should Take Into Account?


Wherever you are in the world, I assure you that, every country pays differently, it is basically because the number of advertisers in certain countries is not that much compared to like in US, Japan, UK, and Australia.

From this alone, we can conclude, if you want to achieve a great amount of money, then the sure thing is you gotta do well in reaching the specific audiences from those countries mentioned above.

If you live in Indonesia, since Indonesia only rely on Television Ads, advertiser rarely promote their product through Google Ads (online ads), so if you use Bahasa Indonesia and get a lot of viewers from Indonesia, you can not expect the money to be much higher than when you have UK viewers or any top countries.


You have to be concise about your niche, it has to be perfectly fit you in the show game like there is no one better than you in 'these' particular areas.

Reach specific target audiences, if you have a channel that mainly talks about health tips, meds, or any other stuff related, surely you can earn much more money than tips & tricks or any random videos posted on the Internet, in particular, YouTube.

Try to gather and conduct in-depth analysis about which niche that pays higher in most countries.


YouTuber that has subscriber around 10.000 or more would likely to earn $1000 per month when they posted regularly and has a lot of views. 

But I guess, you have known it from the very beginning, otherwise, you wouldn't be here reading this article because you wonder with "this amount" of subscribers, how much that I can earn/generate money?

Nonetheless, I could say subscribers aren't that much worth, it is all about views, my friend.

With 1000 Subscriber, How Much Can I Earn Money from it?

You have 1000 subscriber and have taken all the necessary factors, let's calculate how much can you earn.

  • in the UK alone, you could earn £100-300 GBP. Also not to mention, all niche seems to work well in the UK and not having slightly distinction in between those niches. Your views have to be above 50.000 a month.
  • in Indonesia, it is about Rp 100.000 ($8 USD) to Rp 300.000 ($23 USD), yeah since Indonesia has less advertiser. It is basically calculated if you have views above 90.000. Seems not compromising, aren't they?
  • in the United States, I don't know actually, but most of the youtubers said that he/she could make $100 USD a month with steadily increasing viewers.
I hope it gives you an illustration or depiction about how much can you make, or even how can you make a living with only being a youtuber?

Also, don't forget that there are many options out there to make money without wasting your time on videos if you don't have the skill at editing or any other related. You could make a living too with just blogging, even more than just youtubers.

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